Dr. Bergquam Newberg Dentist - Testimonials


I was referred to Dr. Berquam’s office for a major root canal, the first one of my life. I grew up with an  excellent dentist so my expectations were high. Dr. Bergquam exceeded them and I was overly impressed with the care of his office and staff.

I always felt at home in his office but most importantly his dental work was exceptional. He explained every procedure he did and performed them flawlessly. Because of his finesse and expertise, he will always be my family dentist!



A visit to the dentist isn’t usually my favorite thing to do but the staff at Dr. Bergquam’s office is always warm and welcoming which makes my visit very pleasant.

Jessie B.


For  most of us when you think of going to the dentist the word “pleasant” does not come to mind, but pay a visit to the dental office of Dr. Eric Bergquam in Newberg, Oregon.  As you enter their door the waiting room conveys a cozy feeling of home as it invites you in.  The flicker of flames dance in the fireplace and the contemporary decor is pleasing to the eye. 

Each exam room offers a view of nature including trees and birdfeeders.  You are treated with respect by the friendly and skilled professional staff.  Yes, as you leave Dr. Bergquam’s practice the word “pleasant” most certainly comes to mind.

Susan D.


I have worked for a dental equipment manufacturer for more than 10 years.  Since I know a little about dentistry, I have always been very picky and careful in choosing my dentist.  Dr. Bergquam does exceptional work.  Every crown and filling has fit perfectly the first visit.  I like not having to get my bite adjusted!  He takes the time to explain my treatment needs and helps me understand how best to maintain my oral health.  I know he is always updating his skills because he attends CE courses regularly at OHSU.  That’s important because dentistry is evolving and new treatments really promote overall health.  His staff is friendly and knowledgeable so I always enjoy my visits and I don’t have to wait.

High quality dentistry is not something that most people can recognize.  I know I am getting superior care and that makes me a very grateful patient.

Thanks Dr. Bergquam, I appreciate your passion for great dentistry.


Julie Marshall